Personal PMT Sessions

Personal PMT Sessions are given by appointment

The location is chosen upon common agreement,

according to circumstances

The Personal PMT Session (45 to 60 minutes Session, including the sharings):

During the Session, you are seated inside a pyramidal structure – materialized by five AD 850 encoders – in which the memories you have unconsciously decided to transmute on that day will densify. The operator will then perform, at a distance, a complete cleaning of the space around you, with the help of two encoders he hold in his hands, in order to transmute the densified memories.

If you wish, you can also receive, during the Session, a Chromotherapy Treatment, in the form of a colours light bath, either to cure a particular health problem or to globally harmonise and regenerate your energy structure and your aura.

If you wish to receive the Chromotherapy Treatment, please tell me, at the beginning of the Session if you have, at that time, a particular health problem or disease.

A sharing of what was experienced takes place at the end of the Session.

It seems that seven Sessions are necessary to enable most of the blockages to be smoothed out. It is suggested to continue this work regularly in order to refine one's evolutionary process. However any number of Sessions will be beneficial, so feel free to choose. 

A waiting period of at least three weeks between Sessions is recommended. This will allow the work of the previous Session to integrate fully.

Note that you can alternate Distance Sessions and Personal Sessions. Please consult the Distance Sessions page.

Created by Pierre Wittmann