Who is Pierre?

Pierre and PMT

My first PMT Session, in September 2006, changed my life. A few days later, I found the house I had been searching for over many months, and also my new life place, a village at the foot of the Luberon, in the South of Vaucluse, Cabrières d’Aigues. One week later, I met Joël Ducatillon, who was giving a talk near Geneva, where I was living at that time, to introduce the PMT. Without knowing it, he explained clearly what had just happened to me: the transmutation of a memory had dissipated the obstacles which prevented me from finding a house. This is how I became, shorlty thereafter, a PMT operator.

Who is Pierre?

Pierre Wittmann is a painter who explores the implications of art, healing and spirituality. He creates therapeutic paintings and extra-sensory light structures.

For thirty years Pierre has cultivated truth, wisdom and happiness, and his journeys have guided him to numerous spiritual masters throughout the Orient and in the West.

He teaches Reiki and meditation, gives Human Design and I Ching readings, and offers PMTAngelic Healing and Chromotherapy Sessions. He strives to spread energies of peace, love and harmony on the planet.

Pierre has been writing a diary since 1984 and feels a deep need to share his personal experiences, his reflections on art and creation and the fruits of his spiritual quest. Since 2002, he has self-published a collection of shorts essays, A Guide to Happiness for the Third Millennium, two autobiographical books, Le parfum de l'éveil (in French) and Le jardin de la libération (in French), an illustrated book on his paintings, Peinture Peintures, a book of poems, Le silence des couleurs (in French), a novel, Marlène ou le jeu de la vie (in French), and a collection of glances on his life, Regarder la vie (in French).

Pierre shares his time between the North of Thailand and the South of France.

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